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Monday - Saturday 
Appointments recommended.
Walk-ins are not guaranteed a time slots.  



-preferred artist 

-description of ideal tattoo

-ideal size and placement

-color or black/gray

Please be as specific as possible. 

If you do not have a preferred artist, please include your contact number. 

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     In order to make an appointment with any of our artists we require a deposit. The deposit will go towards the last session of your tattoo unless there is a less than 48 hour cancellation or a no-show. The deposit is collected on the day of the consultation with cash or credit card.



What happens to my deposit when I cancel?


     If the appointment is simply canceled and not rescheduled our artists will need to get paid for the time they spent drawing the tattoo design. Our artists can spend a half hour to a whole day of drawing a design. Our artists spend this time designing because we value our clients and our custom work. If the tattoo is never done then they will have spent a lot of time drawing without any compensation. 


 *If the appointment opening isn’t booked due to lack of time or someone not showing up, it leaves us with hours of time that we could have booked with another client.




NOTE: We work hard to keep a very clean shop and we need to be attentive to germs, etc. If you are sick or contagious in any way, please call us to cancel your appointment and we will discuss the deposit at that time.